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Union County, North Carolina



How do I apply for a commercial building permit?

The following items, if applicable, should be submitted for a commercial permit.

Building Code Enforcement

  • Three full sets of plans bound and labeled for the Commercial Building Inspector
  • Evidence of all outside agency approvals or submittals
  • Completed Union County Building Permit Application
  • Completed Union County Fire Prevention Permit Application
  • Completed Appendix B
  • Plans are in accordance with the Union County Commercial Plan Review Submittal Requirements document and the North Carolina State Building Code
  • One full set of plans labeled for the Zoning Administrator for projects requiring only zoning approval
  • One full set of plans, nine site plans, and a completed Land Use Permit Application labeled for the Zoning Administrator for projects requiring the issuance of a Special Use Permit
  • Plans designed in accordance with Appendix A of the Union County Land Use Ordinance

Public Works

  • Engineering – Water and Sewer
  • One set of plans labeled for the Union County Public Works Engineering Section
  • Plans designed in accordance with the Union County Water and Sewer Extension Ordinance for projects requiring a line extension
  • Plans designed in accordance with Public Works Commercial Site Plan Checklist for projects not requiring a line extension
  • Sealed Construction Drawings (1 set of each of the following, if applicable) labeled for Public Works Stormwater Section
    • Site Plans (site, final grading, drainage, erosion control, site details, etc.)
    • Roadway Plans (plan and profile)
    • Environmental Permitting Plans (if applicable)
    • Utility Plans
    • Sealed Calculations, Project/Stormwater Narrative, Programs' input/output, Exhibits, Maps Package (1 set)
  • Digital copy of all Federal/State program analyses associated with the project (HEC, TR55, etc.)
  • Copies of all Environmental Permits or verification of submittal to appropriate agencies (Sediment & Erosion Control, 401/404, Buffer disturbance, etc.)
  • Written approval for off-site construction or grading
  • Written approval for construction or grading in utility easements or rights-of-way
  • Digital copy of all submitted documents organized appropriately
  • Plans designed in accordance with Appendix A of the Union County Land Use Ordinance and the Public Works – Stormwater Section Submittal Requirements Brochur

Where can I find information about building codes?

What other Union County webpages will assist in understanding building code and procedures?

By clicking the above, registered users can apply for a permit online or register to be able to apply online. To manually submit a permit application in person please click the desired application form in the Popular Resources section of this page.

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Commercial Inspectors

Commercial Building, Mechanical and Plumbing

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