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Union County, North Carolina

Union County - Water & Sewer System Development Fee Analysis

Union County - Water & Sewer System Development Fee Analysis

Public Notice: Water & Sewer System Development Fee Analysis Available for Review and Comment

In accordance with the Public Water and Sewer System Development Fee Act (Session Law 2017-138), also known as House Bill 436, Union County is seeking public review and comment on an analysis that has been prepared by Stantec Consulting Services Inc. which analyzes the maximum fee the County may charge for new water and sewer connections.

This report presents the results of the comprehensive study, including background information, legal requirements, an explanation of the calculation methodology employed, and the results of the analysis. This analysis is strictly for water and sewer System Development Fees that are designed to recover the cost of water and sewer capacity collected from new connectors to each system. This analysis does not include the evaluation of water and sewer rates paid monthly by existing customers.

Download the document to view the analysis.

This analysis is open for public comment beginning April 11, 2018 for a period of 45 days, expiring on May 26, 2018. Any comments received will be considered by the preparer of the analysis for possible modifications or revisions.

Written comments shall be directed to Union County Public Works - Business Operations Division at or 500 North Main Street, Suite 624, Monroe, NC 28112 and received no later than May 26, 2018.